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OpenCV with Python support on MacOs X

To install OpenCV with Python support on MacOs X using MacPort:

Then, to set MacPort Python version as default Python interpreter: To control everything works as expected, open a Python console: If you use pip:


Migrate a WordPress site

I recently migrated all my sites from a mutualized hosting to a virtual private server (VPS). Here are the steps to easily process with the migration. Note: replace $username, $website, $etc. with your values! Prepare the server The server is a Debian installation, accessed over SSH. Add a new user

add $username to sudo group line Mysql(…)


Macport problems after Mavericks upgrade

After Mavericks upgrade on my MacBook Pro, I had several pieces of code that were not working anymore on some Python projects. As I’m using the Macport version of Python and most of the Python libraries, I tried to reinstall some. But, I encountered problems with Macport installations, even a port -v selfupdate was not(…)