OpenCV with Python support on MacOs X

To install OpenCV with Python support on MacOs X using MacPort:

Then, to set MacPort Python version as default Python interpreter: To control everything works as expected, open a Python console: If you use pip:


Migrate a WordPress site

I recently migrated all my sites from a mutualized hosting to a virtual private server (VPS). Here are the steps to easily process with the migration. Note: replace $username, $website, $etc. with your values! Prepare the server The server is a Debian installation, accessed over SSH. Add a new user

add $username to sudo group line Mysql(…)


Remove URL in IEEETran LaTeX bibliography

When using the IEEETran LaTeX bibliography style

if you want not to print the long URLs pointing to the online version of a cited paper for brevity purpose, you can do so by editing the IEEETran.bst file: Replace the format.url function:




Macport problems after Mavericks upgrade

After Mavericks upgrade on my MacBook Pro, I had several pieces of code that were not working anymore on some Python projects. As I’m using the Macport version of Python and most of the Python libraries, I tried to reinstall some. But, I encountered problems with Macport installations, even a port -v selfupdate was not(…)